Author: Leslie Korenko

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Videos & Interviews

This is the page for videos and interviews.
Most are ​about the Island, they are all just fun to watch. ENJOY!

Kelleys Island Walking Tour - Part 1 from the ferry boat dock to downtown. 18 sites, loads of old photos and a lot of history you never knew was there! 


Kelleys Island Walking Tour - Part 2 - from downtown, down Division Street a short way, to the Kelleys Island History Museum.

Did you ever wonder what Kelleys Island was like in the winter? Once you see the island surrounded by ice, you can easily imagine what life on the island was like in the 1800's. Enjoy a 6 minute slideshow of Kelleys Island - Then and Now.
Just click on the picture and turn on your speakers to enjoy the accompanying music 

Take a minute to tour the Kelleys Island cemetery and meet the pioneers, soldiers, and old island families who called this island their home.


WPCR is a great local radio station, that only transmits over the internet. That means you can listen to local radio anytime you are on your computer or cell phone.
          Leslie was interviewed by Joan Bryden on her show: Turn of the Page. You can hear the interview about the island, its history and the books that give the pioneers a new voice at

In March 2015, author Robert Moore interviewed Leslie as part of a series of podcasts. Both Robert and Leslie are members of the IWA - International Writers Association
You can listen to Leslie's interviewand lots of other ones HERE, it is Episode 75.

In September 2008, Robin Svoboda and Big Chuck Schodowski did a show about Kelleys Island. Leslie appeared in the history segment. Make sure you catch the ending and see how Big Chuck gets back on camera! 


Discover the island's roll in the Civil War in this short video. There were 600 people living on the island in 1865, 100 became soldiers.

It's obvious that I like history and there are lots of videos about historic preservation on You Tube, but none will ever top this one by Red Green. The troupe at Possum Lodge decide to move an historic building - themselves - using 13 pick up trucks. The decision to do this occurs in the beginning and the hysterical results are revealed around the 18 minute mark. But watch the whole 22 minutes if you want to learn how to turn a car into a backhoe or​ discover how your Golden Years get better. Also included are segments on trout fishing, fixing a hat and using a car tire to mix paint. This episode is from Season 8, 1998. This will always be remembered as "the one that the Historical Society worked so hard to preserve." Have fun watching!

Kelleys Island Homecoming 2011 - we had pets, food,Twinkies, music and a parade.
This is a classic small town celebration! See the video slideshow on You Tube.


The Ohio News Network did a special program on the Kelleys Island History Museum in 2010, just after it opened. Sharon McIntire and Leslie Korenko talk about the museum and the Island's history. In the background are Fran Minshall, Fred Walcott, Mike Feyedelem, Ila Dick and Sis McKillips.

The KI Historical Assoc. asked Leslie to do a video tour of the Island's history museum. Here it is.