Author: Leslie Korenko

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Here are the contents of Book 5 
​​Kelleys Island - 1877-1884

The fire, the Great Grooves, & a mysterious disappearance

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100 Day Men, 7th Regiment O. N. G., A & P Telegraph Co., Ajax, Alaska, Fred Albers, Henry Albert, Henry Alberts, Alcohol, Aurel Altman, American Eagle, American Wine Co., American Wine Vinegar Co., Ancient Order of Hibernians, Anna Robertson, Anna Haley, Annie Robertson, Barbara Anwanderer, Charles Anwanderer, Humgunde Anwanderer, Apples, Ark, Arkansas, Margaret Armond, William Armstrong, Assault, Josephin Auchener, George Axtell, William Axtell

B. F. Ferris, Charles Balfour, Ball alley, Ballast Island, Bankruptcy, Barber shop, Barn, E. C. Barnard, Mary Barnhop, Barry saloon, Robert Barry, George Barsch, Anna Barsche, Agnes Bartche, Agnes Bartchi, Edward Bartchi, Agnes Bartsche, Daniel Bartsche, Elizabeth Bartsche, Jacob Bartsche, John Bartsche, Milton Bartsche, Titus Bartsche, Frederick Basch, Julia Basch, George Basche, Base ball, H. L. Bates, Bath house, Dina Bauer, Elizabeth Bauer, Henry Bauer, Otto Bauman, Samuel Bauman, Thomas Bauman, Bay Bridge, Bay City, Beatty wine cellar, Andrew Beatty, Arthur Lewis Beatty, Aurilla Beatty, Catherina Beatty, Christina Beatty, Henry Beatty, Lewis Beatty, Louis Beatty, Mary Beatty, Rosella Beatty, William B. Beatty, Becker Winery, Arthur C. Becker, Carrie Becker, Hannah Laura Becker, Katherine Becker, Norbert Becker, Philipina Becker, Philomena Becker, William Becker, Willie Becker, Bees, Belle King, Rev. Belt, Elisabeth Bender, Berry Bros., Patrick Berry, Peter Bestit, Anna Betterer, Elizabeth Betzenheimer, Frank Betzenheimer, John Betzenheimer, Billiards, Bird Bluebird, Bird, Robins, Bird swallows, Bishop photographer, Mr. & Mrs. Bixby, Anna Bixley, Black bass, Blacksmith, Daniel Blatt, Elisabeth Blatt, Eliza Blatt, Elizabeth Blatt, Ernest Walter Blatt, John Blatt, John William Blatt, Norman Blatt, Hon. S. S. Bloom, Blue birds, Board of Education, Boarding house, Boat house, Boat race, flat bottom Boat, Julie Bochk, Bogardus Glass Ball, Capt. A. H. Bogardus, Laura Marie Boker, Marla Boker, William Boker, Barbara Bookerman, Charley Bookerman, Charlie Bookerman, George Bookerman, Jacob Bookerman, Alfred Boos, Christ Boos, R. A. Boos, Alfred Boose, Anna Borschet, Anna Borshett, Boschen's dock, Mrs. Bosworth, J. D. Bourne, Bowling alley, Mr. Bowman, Margaret Bradshaw, Michael Brand, Brandy, Catawba Brandy, Margareth Brannon, Maryann Brannon, Fredericka Bremar, Bridget Brennan, Margaret Brennan, Michael Brennan, Theresa Brennan, Mary Brennon, Katherina Brinckmann, Addie Bristol, Addison Bristol, Electa Bristol, George Bristol, Jennie Bristol, Emma Brockhorn, Mary Broderick, Bronchitis, J. H. Brooke, Walter Brown, Brown wine cellar, Brown winery, Albert Brown, Alma Brown, Ann Brown, Anna Brown, Bertha Alma Brown, Captain, Geo. A. Brown, Caroline Brown, Charles Brown, Clara Brown, Clarence Brown, Davis Brown, Emma Brown, Ernest Brown, Florence Brown, Florina Brown, Hugo Brown, Lee Brown, Lena Brown, Louis Brown, Lucy Brown, Mary Brown, O. Brown, Otto Brown, Rhea Brown, Roland Brown, Rosa Brown, Walter Ernst Brown, William Brown, Bucket brigade, Buckeye College, Buckeye Mutual Insurance Co., Alfred Buess, Henrietta Buess, John Buess, Susan Buess, Buggy, Captain Bulie, Bull: Orange Bashaw, Frederick Bunke, Burger winery, Christine Burger, John Burger, William Burger, Stevenson Burk, Judge Burke, Daniel Burns, Butcher

C. H. Johnson, Lawrence Cable, Cal Davis, Calico Apron Parties, Calkins & Co., George W. Calkins, George W. Calkins & Co., Lydia Calkins, Calkins, Younglove & Hickox, Michael Caly, Cameron cottage, Cameron House, Andres Cameron, Andrew Cameron, Jean Cameron, Jennie Cameron, John Cameron, Margaret Cameron, Margareth Cameron, Nettie Cameron, Camp Carpenter, Camp Hartung, Camp Kellisle, Camp Patmos, Candy, Card playing, Carp, Carpenter, Alida Carpenter, Caroline Carpenter, Charles Carpenter, Lester Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, Mollie Carpenter, Sallie Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter, Lester Carpenter, Carpenter's dock, Carpenter's Grove, Carpenter's Point, Carpenter's brandy distillery, Col. F. S. Case, Annie Casey, Catawba, Catawba Island, H. Cattanach, Mrs. M. J. Cattanach, Cattle, Cemetery, Census, Central Telephone Co., F. Vaclav Chaloupka, Champagne, William Chapille, Elisabeth Chapman, Charles Carpenter, Charles Hinckley, Charles Morgan, Checkers, Cherry, Chief Justice Waite, Chisholm Cottage, Hattie Chisholm, S. H. Chisholm, Stewart Chisholm, Cholera Infantum, Christmas Tree, Lena Christofel, Fanny Christophal, Father V. Chuloupka, Catholic Church, Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, German Church, German M. E. Church, German Methodist Church, German Reform Church, Lutheran Church, Methodist Church,St. Michael's Church, Church, Union Evangelical, Zion Church, City of Brussels, D. P. Clapp, Alvin Clark, Diodate Clark, James F. Clark, James G. Clark, Clemons brothers, Cleveland breakwater, Cleveland Cadets base ball club, Cleveland Light Artillery, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Rolling Mill, Clinton, Clough & Warran organ, Coal, L. M. Cobb, F. W. Cogswell, Col. Cook, H. Colby, William Coles, Collector of Custom, Capt. E. R. Collins, Captain Collins, Carli Collins, Carlie Collins, E. F. Collins, E. R. Collins, Edward Collins, F. R. Collins, Frank Collins, Jennie Collins, Colorado, Constable, Consuello, Consumption, Hon. F. W. Cook, Isaac Cook, Cooper shop, Copper, Anna Cordes, Corn, Cornell, Warren Corning, January Coutcher, Camille Cow, Jersey Cow, Cows, James Craig, Ernest Crandall, Julia Crandall, Marshal Crandall, Daniel Cropper, Joan Cropper, Patrick Cropper, Paul Cropper

Anna Daily, Catherina Daily, Honora Daily, John Daily, Michel Daily, Honora Daly, John Daly, Mary Daly, Michael Daly, Thomas Daly, Danbury station, Dance, Gallopade Dance, German Dance,German Waltz Dance, Grand Ball Dance, Irish Jig Dance, Lanciers Dance, Quadrille Dance, round Dance, Waltz Dance, Dancing, Dancing pavilion, Charles David, ​Joseph David, Katie David, Henry Davis, Edward E. Day, Robert G. Day, Abigail Dean, Anna Dean, Charles Dean, Chester Dean, Clara Dean, Cora Dean, Datus Dean, Eliza Dean, Horace Dean, Jerry Dean, John Dean, Lucius Dean, Marcella Dean, Mary Ann Dean, Oscar Dean, Perry Dean, Sarah Dean, Deer Look Lane, Delilah Deffenbach, Belden Delamater, Delaware Mutual Insurance Co., Katherina Demerline, Democratic Convention, Carolina Denger, Marg Denger, William Denger, Dentist, Carl Denzer, Caroline Denzer, George Denzer, John William Denzer, Mary Denzer, William Denzer, John Derbin, Arnold Sigmund Deringer, John Deringer, Maria Deringer, Theodore J. Deringer, Jacob Dieffenbach, Jennie Dieffenbach, Nelly Dieffenbach, J. Diffenbuch, Anna Diffley, Annie Diffley, James Diffley, John Diffley, Peter Diffley, William Diffley, Diphtheria, Augusta Dischinger, Alma [Laura] Dishinger, Augusta Dishinger, Auguste Dishinger, Fred Dishinger, Frederick Dishinger, Christine Disterhoff, Peter Ditchey, Clare Ditchy, Jay Ditchy, Jerome Ditchy, John Ditchy, Peter Ditchy, Divorce, Carpenter's Dock, elevated Dock, north side Dock, steamboat Dock, West Bay Dock, Wine Co. Dock, Doctor, Charles Dodge, Henrietta Dodge, Maria Dodge, Otto Dodge, Sophia Dodge, Gus Does, Dr. Donahoe, Ellen Doran, Minna Dow, Dramatic Club, Dress maker, E. Dressel, Drilling machine, Patrick Drohen, Susan Drohen, Thomas Patrick Drohen, Patrick Drohm, Susan Drohm, Thomas Patrick Drohm, Dropsy, Anthony Ducat, Mary Ducat, Morris Ducat, Duffy, Edward Duignan, John Duignan, Margaret Duignan, Margareth Duignan, Mary Duignan, Mary Amelia Duignan, Mary Eliza Duignan, Mary Elizabeth Duignan, Mary Emilia Duignan, Patrick Duignan, Thomas Duignan, Mary Dunn, Mary Dusean, Jane Dussiau, Ira Dutcher, A. P. Duysing, Anton Duysing, Henry Duysing, Dwelle farm Marblehead, Alonzo Dwelle, B. F. Dwelle, Captain Dwelle, Fannie Dwelle, Fanny Dwelle, George F. Dwelle, Hattie Dwelle, Hubbard Dwelle, J. T. Dwelle, Jared Dwelle, Jean Dwelle, Lena Dwelle, Lydia Dwelle, Mina Dwelle, Minnie Dwelle, Norman Dwelle, Pearl Nelson Dwelle, S. S. Dwelle, Sylvester Dwelle, Wilhemina Dwelle, Dwelle's dock​
Eagle, Charles Eckhardt, Eclipse, Eldred Vineyard, A. J. Eldred, Aaron Eldred, Eldred Andrew, Eldred Hermanus, J. A. Eldred, Jothan Eldred, M. J. Eldred, Mary Eldred, Mary Jane Eldred, Election, Electricity, Elfer's Store, Elfer's Hotel, Alma Elfers, Carolina Elfers, Charles Walter Elfers, Constable Elfers, Frederick Elfers, Henry Elfers, Marla Elfers, Rosella Elfers, Walter Elfers, Barbara Theresa Emlinger, Elizabeth Hesse, Ella M. Smith, Sophia Ellemann, Maria Elling, Mary Elling, Elminger's shoe shop, Ferdinand Elmlinger, Fred Elmlinger, Maria Elmlinger, Mary Elmlinger, R. Elmlinger, Embezzlement, Ferdinand Emlinger, Maria Emlinger, Enright, Erie Co. Annual Exposition, Erie Sand & Gravel Co., Carl Erne, Erysipelas, Adeline Estes, James Estes, Excelsior Society, Exchange, Express office

Michael Falvey, Clara Fann, Dr. Fann, George C. Fann, Louise Fann, Mary Fanning, Farciot & Wehrle, Charles Farciot, Rachel Farciot, Theresa Farciot, Theresia Farciot, Misses Farley, Emma Farr, Fashions, Herman Featherson, Mary Feddersen, Christ Fedderson, Christian Fedderson, Herman Fedderson, Mary Anna Fedderson, Ferrets, Ferris, Fire, bucket brigade, Fireworks, First Mission Church, Charles Fischer, Edward Fischer, Sophia Fischer, Fish, Fish culture, Fish hatchery, Fish house, Fish pounds, carp Fish, pickerel Fish, salmon Fish, white Fish, Fisherman, pound Fishing, sport Fishing, Francis Fitzgerald, Eliza Flinn, Flux stone, Honora Flynn, Fodder, Ellen Foley, John Foley, Mary Ann Foley, Catherine Fosenfelder, Hon. Charles Foster, Simon Fox, Fox's dock, Franz Sigel, Rev. C. H. Frazer, Rev. Charles Frazer, Robert Freer, Fremont, Fresno California, Captain Freyensee, Captain William Freyensee, George Samuel Fribolin, Katherina Fribolin, William Fribolin, Fruithurst, Mary Amelia Fry, Mary Ann Fuller, James Fullerton

Edward Gallagher, George W. Gardner, J. W. Garret, Gaslights, Gazelle, Earl Wilson Gehrkens, Elizabeth Gehrkens, Frederick Gehrkens, General Store, Geo. W. Bissell, German Reform Society, William Gervin, Ghost, Gibralter Island, Gill net, Gilmore, Maria Gimbert, Gin, John Girvin, Glacial groove, Glass ball shoot, Henry Gobrmegge, Wilhema Gobrmegge, John Hermann Gobrnegge, George Gobruegge, Henry Gobruegge, Wilhelmine Gobruegge, Golden Eagle, Captain L. B. Goldsmith, Frank Good, E. G. Goodsell, E. J. Goodsell, Gooseberries, Anna Isabella Gorman, Mary Gorman, Walter Gorman, Government Life Saving Station, Caleb E. Gowen, Grape beetle, Grape crop, Grape harvest, Grape juice, Grape rot, Grape shears, Grape wire, black Grape, Catawba Grape, Clinton Grape, Concord Grape, Delaware Grape, Greeley Rot, Hartford Grape, Iona Grape, Isabella Grape, Ives Grape, Lady Washington Grape, Grape mildew, Niagara Grape, Norton Grape, Oporto Grape, Grape Phylloxera, red Grape, Grape, Wilder Rogers' No. 4, Grapes & willow twigs, Grapes, Catharina Grau, Lynn Griswold, Michel Guerin, Guitar, George Gulick, Mary Gulick​

H. F. Merry, H. P. Baldwin, Don Haas, Jacob Haas, Edith Maud Hafford, Viola Haig, Catherine Haley, John Haley, Mary Haley, William Haley, Frances E. Hall, L. A. Hall, Anna Haly, Annie Haly, Albert Hamilton, Ann Hamilton, Bertha Hamilton, Catherina Hamilton, Catherine Hamilton, Clayton J. Hamilton, Dean Hamilton, Dwayril Hamilton, Elbert Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton, Elmer Hamilton, Ernest Leroy Hamilton, Gussie Hamilton, Hattie Hamilton, Hazel Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Helena Hamilton, James Hamilton, Jane Hamilton, June Hamilton, Katherine Hamilton, Kitty Hamilton, Laura Hamilton, Lloyd Hamilton, Lloyd Dean Hamilton, Marjorie Hamilton, Milorn Hamilton, Raymond Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Sabra Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Theodore Hamilton, Titus Hamilton, Virginia Hamilton, William R. Hamilton, Willie Hamilton, Wilson Hamilton, Rev. Haneker, Emma Hann, Anna Hansen, Louisa Hanser, Harbor of Refuge, A. M. Harmon, Will Harney, Mary Jane Harris, Gottlieb Hart, Hartshorn's dock, Wesley 'Boss' Hartung, Captain Harvey, James Harvey, Janet Harvey, Will Harvey, Agnes Hauser, Annie Hauser, Ellen Hauser, Emma Hauser, Frank Hauser, Frederick A. Hauser, Jacob Hauser, John Hauser, Katherine Hauser, Leo Frederick Hauser, Hay, Albertus Hayes, Catherine Hayes, Ellen Hayes, Hamilton Hayes, Jacob Hayes, Jake Hayes, President Hayes, Sylvester Hays, Heart Disease, August Heckerman, Celia Sophia Heckerman, Mary Heckerman, Mary Ann Heckerman, Mary Etta Heckerman, Anna Heinrich, Edna Heinrich, Gottfried Heinrich, Andre Henderson, Andrew Henderson, Aurel Henderson, Doctor Henderson, Dr. Sarah Henderson, Henry Henderson, Levina Henderson, Minnie Henderson, Otis Henderson, Walter Henderson, Elizabeth Hendry, James Hendry, Herring, Elizabeth Hess, Elisa H. Hesse, Herman Hesse, Sophia Hesse, Hibernian Ball, Hickox & Co., Charles Hickox, F. T. Hickox, Laura Hickox, R. W. Hickox, Hill, Father Hill, Laura Hills, Himmelein Hotel, Himmelein House, Himmelein Saloon, Charles Himmelein, Helen Himmelein, Jennie Himmelein, Johanna Himmelein, John Himmelein, Philip Himmelein, Richard Himmelein, Ted Himmelein, Theo. Himmelein, Carrie Hipp Haag, Anna Hipp, Caroline Hipp, Charles Hipp, Frank Hipp, Leonard Hipp, Mary Hipp, Mary Ann Hipp, History of The Fire Lands, Mary Hitchcock, Frank Hamilton, Isaac Hobbs, James Hodgson, Hogs, Martin Holbrook, Martin K. Holbrook, Mrs. E. C. Holbrook, Hollender, F. See also Charles Farciot, Holy Nativity BMV, Anna Holybach, Horse, Horse team, Charlie the Horse, Jack the Horse, Old John the Horse, Old Kate the Horse, Henry Houghton, Garrett Howard, Miss Howison, Emma Howlett, M. A. Howlett, M. P. Howlett, Milt Howlett, M. P. Howlette, C. L. Hubbard, R. Hubbard, Catherine Huber, Edward Huber, Lewis Huber, Andre Hudak, Baby Hughes, Bridget Hughes, George Hughes, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Michael Hughes, Alfred K. Huntington, Alice Huntington, Caroline Huntington, D. K. Huntington, Daniel Huntington, E. K. Huntington, Elzina Huntington, Emeline Huntington, Emma Huntington, Erastus Huntington, George C. Huntington, Joseph Huntington, Mary Huntington, Mella Huntington, Simon Huntington, Theophanie Huntington, Huntington's Pilgrim Hotel, Huntington's Store, Mary Ann Hussey, Abbie Hussy, Charles Hutching, Theodosia Hynd

Ice boat, Ice bridge, Ice house, Ice Skating, Illinois Pneumatic Gas Co., Ina, Independent Order of Island Loafers, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Indians, Inscription Rock, Insurance, Iron clad boat, Island House, Island House Hotel, Island Market, Islander, Islander II, Rudolph Iucker

J. S. Richards, J. W. Rush & Co., Jail, James Amadeus, Jay Cooke, John Jewett, H. N. Johnson, Henry Johnson, Henry N. Johnson, Johnson's Island, Henry Jordan, Caroline Jorski, Edward Jorski, Barbara Jucker, Bertha Jucker, Eliza Jucker, Henry Jucker, Henry Juker, Julia, Julia Willard, June flys, Fredricka Jungmann, Justice of the Peace​

Kansas, John Karcher, Anna Kastning, Emma Kastning, Fred Kastning, Frederick Kastning, Johanna Ruth Kastning, Maria Kastning, Martha Kastning, Mary Kastning, Sophia Kastning, Anna Keating, Annie Keating, James Keating, Katherina Keating, Leonard Keating, Thomas Keating, Annie Keaton, James Keaton, Thomas Keaton, James Keatting, Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co., Kelley Island Lime Co., Kelley Island Quarry & Lime Co., Kelley Island Sporting Club, Kelley Island Wine Co., A. S. Kelley, Addison Kelley, Alfred S. Kelley, Angeline Kelley, Ann Kelley, Charles Kelley, Chester Kelley, Darlene Kelley, Datus Kelley, Douglas O. Kelley, Edward Kelley, Edwin Kelley, Elizabeth Kelley, Evy Kelley, F. M. Kelley, Florence Kelley, Frank Kelley, Franklin Kelley, Fred Kelley, George Kelley, Gussie Kelley, Gussy Kelley, H. C. Kelley, Hannah Kelley, Harmon Alfred Kelley, Hennie Kelley, Henry Kelley, Herman Kelley, Irad Kelley, Irving Jean Kelley, Julius Kelley, Laura Kelley, Margaret Kelley, Margareth Kelley, Martha Kelley, Mary Kelley, Mary Caroline Kelley, Norman Kelley, Samuel Kelley, Sara Kelley, W. D. Kelley, Will Kelley, William D. Kelley, Zina Kelley, Kelley's Hall, Kelley's Island & Sandusky Cable Co., Kelley's Island & Sandusky Cable Telegraph Co., Kelley's Island Boat Club, Kelley's Island Dramatic Club, Kelley's Island Lime & Transport Co., Kelley's Island Lime & Transport Co., Kelley's Island Lime Co., Kelley's Island Nine, Kelley's Island Quarry & Lime Co., Kelley's Island Stone & Lime Co., Kelley's Island Wine Co., Kelleys Island & Sandusky Telegraph Co., Kelley's Island band, Kelley's Island Dramatic Club, Kelley's Island Fish Producers Co-op, Baby Kennedy, Ellen Kennedy, John Kennedy, Marka Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Mathias Kennedy, Mathis Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, William Kennedy, Maria Kessler, Marva Kessler, Mary Kessler, Magdalena Kiefer, Ernest King, Kirby Hall, Bob Kleba, Jacob Koch, Justice of the Peace Koch, Elizabeth Koehler, John A. Koehler, John Koehler, Bill Koenigseker, Martin Kolb, Christopher Koster, Harmon Koster, Herman Koster, Katherina Koster, Sarah Laura Koster, Sophia Koster, Wilhelmine Koster, Wilhema Koster, William Ernest Koster, Koster's Dock, Koster's Wine Cellar, Mathilda Kreutzinger, Joseph Kronthal, Christina Kuebler, Jacob Kuebler, Amelia Kuhl, John Kuhl, Laura Ida Kuhl, Phillipina Kuhl, Rev. Kuhl, Matilda Kuntinzer​

L. B. Crocker, Anna Laden, Ladies Sewing Society, Ladies Soldiers Aid Society, Ladies' Library Association, Lakeside, A. C. Lamson, Lange Winery, Adolph P. Lange, Albert Henry Lange, Annie Lange, Balbina Lange, Catherine Lange, Clara Marie Lange, Elizabeth Lange, Emma Lange, Frederick Lange, Henrietta Lange, Henry Lange, Maria Lange, Stella Marie Lange, Larned Kansas, August LaRock, Emma LaRock, Mary Ann LaRock, Rittie LaRock, Larocque/LaRock, August Larroque, Michel Lassack, Mathilda Lauer, Matilda Lauer, Laundry, Jacob Lawton, Lay Bros. Fish Co., Lou C. Dean, Lenk Wine Co.-Toledo, Clara Leopard, Mary Leopard, Lewis & Dwelle's dock, Charles Lewwe, Elizabeth Lewwe, Freddie Lewwe, Lotta Lewwe, Lottie Lewwe, Anna Leyden, Ellen Leyden, John Leyden, Margaret Leyden, Marka Leyden, Mary Leyden, Honora Leydon, Library, Library Association, Sandusky Library, Township Library, Lifeboat, Lightning, L. D. Limmerous, C. M. Lincoln, Colonel Lincoln, Elisabeth Lincoln, Emmet Lincoln, Joseph Lincoln, Marion Lincoln, Montgomery Lincoln, Nancy Lincoln, Sarah Lincoln, Zipporah Lincoln, Charles Lindecamp, Florence Lindecamp, Mary Anna Link, Liquor, Literary Association, Livery stable. F. A. Lockwood, Lodge, Long Point, Louise, Mary Luakosky, Abraham Ludlow, Michael Luschuk, Lyceum, Anna Lynch

M. Capron, Daniel Maag, Fredericka Maag, Julia Maag, William Maag, Mackey & Vroman, John Magerstrik, Capt. F. J. Magle, Capt. Fred Magle, Fred Magle, Frank Maher, Katherina Maher, Katie Maher, William Maher, Mail, Mail boat, Mail carrier, Catherine Malchi, Kitty Malchi, James Manning, Marblehead, Marblehead telephone, Mariner, Martin Power & Light Co., Allie Martin, Bridget Martin, Catherine Martin, Charles Martin, Fred Martin, Frederick Martin, Harriet Martin, I. F. Martin, J. F. Martin, James Martin, Julia Martin, Mary Martin, Mrs. Frances Martin, Susan Martin, Mary Lydia, Masonic Order, Masquerade Ball, Lucille Mathews, Russ Matso, Matso's Place, Mattie, Frederick Mauer, Catherine Maxwell, Ellen Maxwell, John Maxwell, Kate Maxwell, A. T. May, Ann May, Annie May, Anthony May, Bell May, Edward May, May John, Mike May, Thomas May, Willie May, Fred Mayer, Mathilda Mayer, Annie McAllister, Mary McAllister, Michael McAllister, O. H. McConnoughey, Mary McCormick, Rev. Robert McCune, Eugene McFall, Will H. McFall, McGettigan winery, Barney McGettigan, Daniel McGettigan, Edward James McGettigan, James McGettigan, Joe McGettigan, Katie McGettigan, Margaret McGettigan, Mary McGettigan, Rosa McGettigan, William McGettigan, Robert McGinnity, Sarah McGore, Sarah McGory, McGraw & Rankin, Norbert McKillips, Annie McLaughlin, Michael McLaughlin, Thomas McLaughlin, Annie McMahon, Michael McMahon, William McMahon, Captain McNelly, Catherine McNulty, Measles, Mrs. Hugh Meek, August Meier, Memorial park, Johann Mendinger, E. B. Merriam, Edmund B. Merriam, Father Mertz, Meteor, Anna Meyer, Auguste Meyer, Christopher Benjamin Meyer, Edna Meyer, Fred Meyer, Fredric Meyer, Herman Meyer, John H. Meyer, Lydia S. Meyer, Mathilda Meyer, Michigan Fish Commission, Middle Bass Island, Middle Island, Adam Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Humgunde Miller, John Miller, Katherine Miller, MagdalenaMiller, Mischief, Daniel Mischler, Elizabeth Mischler, Lizzie Mischler, Mischler's Meat Market, Mistletoe Bough, Bridgit Monaghan, Christian Monaghan, Christopher Monaghan, Eliza Monaghan, James Monaghan, John Monaghan, Julia Monaghan, Julie Monaghan, Lizzie Monaghan, Margaret Monaghan, Mary Monaghan, Patrick Monaghan, Terrence Monaghan, Theodosia Monaghan, William Monaghan, Monarch Wine Co., Charles Moneghan, Christian Moneghan, Christopher Moneghan, John Moneghan, Mary Moneghan, Monitor, Captain Monk, Monk's ship yard, Moon, O. E. Moore, Ort Moore, Orton Moore, Rosette Moore, Anna Mootz, Annie Mootz, Earl Mootz, Elizabeth Mootz, Emma Mootz, John Mootz, Katherine Mootz, Lewis Mootz, Louis Mootz, Peter Mootz, Sarah Mootz, William Mootz, Patrick Moran, Jane Morausse, Joseph Morausse, Permilia Phyllis Morausse, Morning Lark, Morning Star, Gordon Moross, Mother of Sorrows, Mary Mott, Mrs. M. C. Mott, William L. Mott, Mouse Island, Alfred Moysey, Bertha Moysey, David R. Moysey, John Moysey, Lynn Dennison Moysey, R. R. Moysey, Robert Moysey, Russell Moysey, Sallie Moysey, Susan Moysey, Will Moysey, William Moysey, Mr. David, Helena Mudler, Philipina K. Mueler, Elizabeth Murphy, John Murphy, John Thomas Murphy, Katherine Murphy, Maria Anna Murphy, Mary Ann Murphy, Mary Anna Murphy, Mary Murphy, Most Murphy, Patrick Murphy, William Henry Murphy, Lucy Murray, William Murshcel, Musical Union, Muskrats, Myrtle, Mystic

N. Kelley & Co., N. Kelley quarry, National Geodetic Survey, Nebraska, Nervous Fever, Clara Nichols, David Nichols, Noble & Co., North Bass Island, North side store, North Star, North Western University, North Woods, Northern Ohio Hospital, Northern Ohio Telephone Co., Northwest, Notary Public, Mary Novack

Sarah O'Neill, Oat crop, Oberlin College, Ohio Regular Baptist Home and Camp, Carolina Emilia Ohlemacher, Elizabeth Ohlemacher, Fredericka Ohlemacher, Henry Ohlemacher, Mina Ohlemacher, Minnie Ohlemacher, Rekia Ohlemacher, Wilhemina Ohlemacher, Old Cub, Mr. Olier, Olive, Oneida, Opera House, Organ, Christina Orman, Della Osborn, Osurgo

Pacific, Ira A. Paine, Katherine Parkeson, Michael Parkeson, Sarah Parkeson, Rev. Edward L. Parks, Hanna Parr, Peach trees, Peaches, Crawford Peaches, Pearl, Pears, Pelee Island, Cornelius Perguson, Michel Perguson, Sarah Perguson, Ed Perkinson, Carolina Peters, Captain J. D. Peterson, Carlie Peterson, Ernest Pfaff, Henry Pfaff, May Pfaff, Catherina Pfeil, Philadelphia Zoological Gardens, Lillian Phinney, Piano, Plaster Bed, Maude Ploeger, Plums, Florence Pohorence, Frank Pohorence, Point au Pelee, Point au Pelee Island, Point au Pelee, Annie Poland, E. E. Poppeton, H. H. Poppeton, Port Clinton, Post Office, Potato crop, Potter, Pound Boat, Prayer meeting, Mrs. J. P. Preston, Rev. J. P. Preston, Albert Pringnitz, Elizabeth Pringnitz, Emma Pringnitz, Harry Pringnitz, Henry Pringnitz, Herbert Huldreich Pringnitz, Herbert Pringnitz, Maria Pringnitz, Mary Pringnitz, Sarah Pringnitz, Printing Press, Put-in-Bay, Put-in-Bay baseball club, Put-in-Bay Cable Co., Put-in-Bay Co.

Quadrille Band, Quarry blasting, Quarry drilling, Quarry powder house, Quarry stone, Quarry workers, Quarry, black powder, Quarry, blasting, Quarry, dynamite, Quarry, North Side, Quarry, steam drills, Quarry, West, Quarry, West Bay, Margaret Quigley, Anna Quinn, Charles Quinn, James Quinn

R. B. Hayes, R. N. Rice, Barbara Raab, Johanna Raab, Ansel Randall, Barbara Ranft, George Ranft, John Ranft, Lizzie Ranft, Margreth Ranft, Maria Ranft, Mary Ranft, Range light, Range lights, William Rankin, Rats, William Ray, Reading Room, Helena Rehberg, William Rehberg, Sophia Rehbert, Frank Reimheimer, Eliza Reinheimer, George Reinheimer, Henry Reinheimer, John Reinheimer, Julia Reinheimer, Laura Reinheimer, Lizzie Reinheimer, Mary Reinheimer, Reinheimer's dock, Mary Ann Reisler, Anna Reiter, Carrie Reiter, Emma Reiter, George Reiter, John Reiter, Josephine Reiter, Mathilda Reiter, Rosa Reiter, Sophia Reiter, Relief, Carl Renter, Annie Reynolds, Hannah Reynolds, Honora Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds, Michael Reynolds, Nora Reynolds, Jessie/Lulu Rhein, Lewis H. Rhein, Louis Rhein, Nancy Rhein, Henry Rheinheimer, Rheumatism, George Rhinehouse, Elizabeth Ricker, Anna Margaret Riedy, Catherina Maria Riedy, Francis Riedy, Francisca M. Riedy, Franciska Riedy, Iola Riedy, Johann Baptiste Riedy, John George Riedy, Laurie Riedy, Margaret Riedy, Maria Riedy, Marva Riedy, Mary Riedy, Mrs. Francis Riedy, Paulin Riedy, Pauline Riedy, Robert Riedy, Elizabeth Rieneuschueides, Mary Rindfleish, Frank T. Ripley, Edward Robinson, Anna Robson, Rockport, John Rodeman, Roesch, Frederick Roesling, Alice Rogue, Charles C. Rogue, Ely C. Rogue, Gustine C. Rogue, Mary Rogue, William C. Rogue, Anna Rohrs, Henry Rohrs, William Henry Rohrs, Anna Romann, Michel Romann, Arthur Frederick Rosswurm, Emma Rosswurm, Henry Rosswurm, Christine Roth, Frederick Roth, Henry Roth, Mary Ann Rourke, May Rudolph, Elizabeth Rummschneider, Rush State Bank, Anna Rush, Annie Rush, Belle Rush, Elizabeth Rush, Jacob Rush, Mary Rush, Mathias Rush, Sara Rush, Sarah Rush, Thomas Rush, Edna S. Rush

S. B. Conklin, Saginaw, Saloon, Sampson, Samson, Sandusky & Kelley's Island Cable Co., Sandusky Fish Co., Joseph Santry, Katie Santry, Sault Ste. Marie, John Savenack, Lenora Jane Savenack, Mary Savenack, Barbara Saylor, Elisabeth Saylor, George H. Saylor, John Saylor, Martin Saylor, Schaedler and Rhein Winery, Schaedler Winery, Andrew Schaedler, Annie Schaedler, August Schaedler, baby Schaedler, Christiana Schaedler, Christina Schaedler, Clara Schaedler, George W. Schaedler, Gertrude Schaedler, Harry Schaedler, Henry Schaedler, John Schaedler, Julia Schaedler, Lottie Schaedler, Mary Schaedler, Schardt Hotel, Schardt House, Adam Schardt, George Schardt, Schardt's Hall, Schardt's Hotel, Arnold Scheele, Caroline Scheele, Carrie Scheele, Henry Scheele, Raymond Scheele, Philip Schenkel, Fred Schipple, Henry Schlesselman, Julia Schlesselman, Mary Schlesselman, William Schlesselman, Alfred Schlumbum, Frederick Schlumbum, Katherina Schlumbum, Anna Schmidt, Bridget Schmidt, Edmond Schmidt, Florina Schmidt, Frank Schmidt, Frank J. Schmidt, Frank Joseph Schmidt, Gertrude Schmidt, Helena Schmidt, John Schmidt, Josephine Schmidt, Lauther Schmidt, Magdalena Schmidt, Mary Schmidt, Schnoor, School, School Board, School Directors, School house, School Spirit, School teacher, Catholic School, School, Compulsory Education, District 1 School, District 2 School, East End School, Estes School, Grammar School, high School, North side School, Sabbath School, Stone School, Sunday School, Elizabeth Schuck, Scott Law, Sea Gull, Edith Mary Seaton, Hattie Seaton, James [Seton] Seaton, Seeholzer & Son Winery, Carl Seeholzer, Charles Seeholzer, Charlie Seeholzer, Hugo Seeholzer, Jim Seeholzer, Sophia Seeholzer, Katherina Seeholzer, Tresse Seeholzer, Elizabeth Selfe, James Selfe, Jennie Selfe, Senator, Arthur Seton, Clifford Seton, Harriet Seton, Hattie Seton, James Seton, Mrs. James Seton, Sewing Machine, Sewing Society, Appolonia Seylor, Elda Shaw, wagon Shed, Sheep, Dr. Sheldon, Sheriff's sale, Shipwreck, Shiveree, Shoe shop, Shoemaker, Shooting tournament, Shooting, glass balls, Shooting, White Champion badge, plank sidewalks, Siegel, Rudolph Sifield, Signal Service Corps, Signal Station, W. A. Simpson, William A. Simpson, W. J. Slackford, Slaughter house, Bridget Slaven, Patrick Slaven, Robert Joseph Slaven, Alice Slavin, Sled riding, Sleigh ride, Sleigh, two horse Sleigh, Alice Smith, Carolina Smith, Caroline Smith, Catherine Smith, E. Smith, Frank Smith, George Smith, James Smith, Katie Smith, Laura Smith, Lena Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Ann Smith, N. John Smith, Nicholas Smith, Nick Smith, Patrick Smith, William Smith, Willie Smith, Black racer Snake, Blue Racer Snake, diamond back Snake, Fox Snake, Garden Snake, Garter Snake, Hognose Snake, rattlesnake Snake, red-striped Snake,Timber rattlesnake, Water Snake, Mary Snakosky, Jasper Snide, South Bass Island, M. M. Spangler, Dr. Jane Spaulding, Spiritualism, Joan Sprandel, Judson Sprandel, St. Louis Exposition, St. Michael's church, St. Michael's Society, Stable, M. E. Stafford, Stang & Kuebler, Frank Stang, Stannard's Rock Lighthouse, Starve Island, State fish hatchery, Steam Engine, Steamboat explosion, Giles B. Stebins, Andre Steiger, Charle Steiger, Elizabet Steiger, John Steiger, William Steiger, Edna Mary Sternberger, Frederick Sternberger, Katie Sternberger, Christian Sternburger, Charles Stephen Stokes, Honora Stokes, John Stokes, Robert Stokes, William P. Stokes, Andrew Stoll, Helena Stoll, Herbert Stoll, Fanny Stoltz, Fannie Stolz, Stone driller, Stone fences, Store on the Corner, Store, north side, Storm, Stove, George Strasser, Straw, Strawberries, Sub marine cable, Suicide, Sulphur, Summer Complaint, Sweet Valley Wine Co., Major Swigart

Target shooting, Joshua Taylor, Teacher, false Teeth, Telegraph, Telegraph Cable, Telephone, Sandusky Telephone, Honora Terney, Mr. Thayer, The Villa, Annie Thein, Theo. Voges, Katherina Thielemann, Katie Thielemann, Andrew Thompson, Tiber River, Alfred Titus, G. Titus, Harriet Titus, James Titus, Jared Titus, John Titus, Lydia Titus, Mehitable Titus, Mrs. John Titus, Sara K. Titus, Sarah Titus, Tobacco, Toledo Produce Exchange, C. C. Townley, Charlie Townley, Grace Townley, Lulu Townley, Mame Townley, John Tremach, Vernon Tressel, Catharina Trieschman, Clara Trieschman, Trieschman's butcher shop, Julia Henry Trieschmann, Trieschmann, Trieschmann's meat market, H. Troeschs, Ezekiel True, Tuberculosis, Tweedney, Ann Twidney, Elizabeth Twidney, William Twidney, Twine shanty, W. S. Tyler, Typhoid Fever, Typhus

U. S. Coast Survey, U. S. Express Co., Uncle Jimmy, Undertaker, Unique Marker Yacht Club, Upp Hotel, H. B. Upp, Henry Upp

Mary Valen, Valentines Day, Clarence Van Woven, Elisabeth Van Woven, John Van Woven, Clara VanNostrand, Hattie VanNostrand, Norman VanNostrand, Hattie Vanostrand, John Vemetz, Mary Vergoschick, Michel Vergoschick, Charles Viets, Henrietta Viets, Clara Vietz, Villa, John Vincent, Selina Vincent, Walter Edward Vincent, Vineyard drainage, Violin, Jacob Voght, Appolonia Vogt, Jacob Vogt, Caspar Voight, Jacob Vollmer, Magdalena Vollmer, Susan Vollmer, Volunteer, Vulcan

Wabash Railroad Co., Annie Walen, Lottie Walkens, Maria Anna Wallace, Mary Ann Wallace, Nora Walsh, Walter, War of 1812, Alice Carding Ward, Alice Leonard Ward, Anna Ward, Annie Ward, Burt Ward, Carl Ward, Clarence Ward, Ed. Ward, Grace Ward, Harrie Ward, Hettie Ward, Katherina Ward, Katie Ward, Laura Ward, Lissa Ward, Lizzie Ward, Maude Ward, Nina Ward, Rush Carlos Ward, Ruth Emily Ward, Thomas F. Ward, Uri Ward, Charlotte Watkins, George Watkins, James Watkins, Julana Watkins, Juliana Watkins, Kim Watkins, Lotta Watkins, Rob Watkins, Belle Webb, Isabella Webb, Mrs. E. K. Webb, William S. Webb, A. Wehrle Jr. , Andrew Wehrle, Wehrle, Werk & Co., Wehrle, Werk & Son, Wehrle's Hall, Charles B. Wells, Mary Wells, Honora Welsh, Barbara Wendinger, West Bay, West Bay Inn, A. J. West, A. K. West, Wm. T. West, Western Reserve Historical Society, Western Union Telegraph Co., Christina Wetzel, William Wetzel, Wheat, Whiskey, White fish, Delilah Whitney, H. R. Whitney, Whitworth & Quinn, Whooping cough, Wig Wam, George Wilds, William Hunter, Dr. Williams, M. C. Williams, Elisabeth Williamson, Wind mill, Wine, Wine barrels, Wine casks, Wine Cellar Property, Wine Cellar, Wine filter, Wine sold, adulterated Wine, Brandy Wine, California Wine, Catawba Wine, Champagne Wine, Claret Wine, Delaware Wine, Oporto Wine, Red Wine, Sweet Wine, John Wing, Mary Wing, Rev. J. Winslow, Della Winzler, Elizabeth Winzler, F. S. Winzler, George Winzler, Hilda Winzler, Franziska Woerber, Cecilia Wolf, Emil Wolf, Minna Wolf, Woodford & Stokes, Charles Woodford, Corydon Woodford, Francis Millard Woodford, Frank Woodford, Homer Woodford, J. F. Woodford, J. T. Woodford, Jesse Woodford, John Woodford, John T. Woodford, Maude Woodford, Rosetta Woodford, Sarah Woodford

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Young Peoples Library Association, Elizabeth Young, M. C. Younglove, M. L. Younglove, Maria Younglove, Moses C. Younglove, Fredericka Youngman, Albert Zeh, Rosina Zeh, Alucios Zehringer, Anselm Zehringer, Katherina Zehringer, Anna Zorenda

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