Author: Leslie Korenko

2016 - News & Events

May 7 - Leslie will presenting her program on Historic Kelleys Island at the Sandusky Post Card Club, at 7:30 at the Sandusky Senior Center This is such a great group. Unfortunately they do not have a website or Facebook page. After the meeting they have a share and swap. I met up with  William Knadler, who collects stock certificates, and he donated (to the history museum) stock certificates for the Kelleys Island Steam Boat Co. and the Kelleys Island Wine Co. 

May 21 - It's International Museum Day and the Kelleys Island Historical Assoc. is participating. Leslie will be there signing her books - and admission to the museum is free. This is the first day they are open. Be sure to check out the entirely new museum displays  and experience. Leslie worked at the museum all winter rearranging the display, putting new items out and has designed posters with photos explaining the history of the Island. Stop by. 

June 11 - ​Stop by and visit Leslie at the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council Arts & Crafts Festival ​in beautiful Lakeview Park, 1100 E. Perry St., Port Clinton OH. A few years ago they moved this event from the downtown streets to the beautiful shaded park just east of Port Clinton and overlooking the lake. It is the PERFECT place for people watching and shopping. Check out the Arts Council website - they have events all summer.​ ​

J​une 25 - The newest, and last book in the history series, has gone to the printers. I await with bated breath to see the finished product.

July 4 - Stars & Stripes Festival in downtown Sandusky. Goergeous Day and I got to share a table with P. J. Grondon (who writes the best mysteries). We were History & Mystery. 

July 16 - Islandfest - the biggest festival on the Island. Leslie will be right downtown (probably next to the history museum's booth) with her books, flags, posters and jewelry. 

August 6 - The Kelleys Island Historical Assoc. hosts their annual Arts & Crafts Show. Artists, artisans, and authors round out this event which is once again growing in size. If you have a talent just waiting to see the light of day, contact them at 

August 14 - The KI Historical Assoc. has its annual meeting. A few years ago they added a guest speaker to the day's events. Stay tuned for updates and get the latest news at

August 20 - Homecoming - a laid-back, family friendly festival located in the Village Park on Addison Road (the street with the mansion on the corner). It is just a 5 minute walk from the ferry boat landing. Leslie will be there with her books, posters, flags, and jewelry. There are activities all day including games, food, ice cold beverages, booths, demonstrations and a whole lot more.

September 10 - The KI History Museum participates in the ​Island-wide yard sale. Leslie helps set this up at the museum and also takes time out to sign her books! At 11:00 Pat Hayes of our Kelleys Island Audubon Club does his presentation on the Monarch butterflies. You can adopt a Monarch too. KIHA has one of the largest yard sale on the Island, thanks to the generosity of the community. and, Facebook: Bird Kelleys Island - KIAC​​

September 15 - Leslie and the Kelleys Island Historical Assoc. welcome the Road Scholors in a personal tour of the museum and a slideshow presentation on the history of the Island.

September 22 - A second group of Road Scholars cruises the Island and the museum.