Author: Leslie Korenko

Now it is the Island Market.

December 1871 - “This is the first winter in the history of the Island that a regular butcher shop has been attempted to be kept up. Until next Spring, Mr. Henry Trishman [Trieschman] will keep open shop in the old Barber rooms on Division Street, opposite the Island House, and keep constantly on hand (whenever he can get the beeves, &c.), a good assortment of steaks and roasts at reasonable rates. It is to be hoped that he will receive that degree of encouragement by a liberal patronage, as to make it profitable to do likewise every year, as the trouble of providing fresh meats for the table have been one of our greatest inconveniences of winter life. Success to the butcher and long may he wave is our sentiment on this subject.”

Trieschman’s Meat Market was established this year and was located in the former barber shop. This picture was taken around 1910. At one time the Corner Store was one long building and the rear portion was rented out.

The tradition continued. Here is John Trieschman and his son standing in front of his store.