Author: Leslie Korenko

​Here is the index to the fourth book in the Extraordinary History of Kelleys Island series.
Kelleys Island 1872-1876
The hotels, the telegraph & and Lime Company


-- A--
100-Day Men; 10th Cavalry; 130th Ohio; 130th Ohio Infantry; 3rd Ohio Cavalry; 72nd O. V. I.; Agnes Potter; Ague; Airplane; Bertha Alder; Emma Alder; Prof. E. W Alexander; Alice Strong; Sophia Allemann; F. W. Alvord; American Eagle; American Steel & Wire Co.; American Wine Co.; Ancient Order of Hibernians; Albert Andlauer; Annaliese’s Treasure Chest; Carl Anwander; Mary Anwander; Charlie Anwanderer; Apples; Arrow
-- B --
B. F. Dwelle & Co.; B. F. Ferris; J. C. Bachelor; Bake oven; Ball Alley; Ballast Island; Dr. Ballemy; Bankruptcy; Barber; Barber shop; Barn; James Barnett; William Barrigan; Patrick Barry; Robert Barry; Charly Bartchi; Elizabeth Bartsche; Emil Bartsche; Jacob Bartsche; Base Ball; Bass; Bass fishing; Batchelor, J. C.; H. S. Bates; Bath house; Bauer; Elizabeth Bauer; E. C. Bauman; Sam Bauman; Samuel Bauman; William Bauman; John Baumgartner; Frederick Baumler; John Baumler; Bay City Dancing Club; Bay View Wine Co.; Christopher Bazar; Andrew Beatty; Benjamin Beatty; Christina Beatty; Lewis Beatty; Mary Beatty; Louis Beatty; Karl Becker; William Becker; Beebe House; Beebe’s dock; Beer; Mrs. Bellamy; Thomas Bellamy; Dr. Bellemy; Margaret Bellemy; William Berrigan; Alexander Betzenheimer; Frank Betzenheimer; Fred Betzenheimer; John Betzenheimer; Lilly Betzenheimer; Louise Betzenheimer; Bezique; Billiard Cue; Billiard parlor; Billiard saloon; John Bimler; Annie Binder; Birds; Annie Bixler; Black bass; Blacksmith; Mr. Blair; Carl Blatt; John Blatt; Board of Education; Boarding house; Boat house; Boat race; Pound Boat; Boesch’s Dock; Andrew Boker; Hulda Boker; Kurt Boker; William Boker; Sophia Bollinger; George Bookerman; C. Booth; Maria Bordenhop; Mrs. Bosworth; Samuel Bowman; Elizabeth Bowser; Samuel; Annie Branan; Ellen Branan; Brandy; Barheloane Branen; Bartholomew Branen; Ellen Branen; Mary Branen; Agnes Brannan; Bartheloene Brannan; Bartholomew Brannan; John Brannan; Margaret Brannan; Margreth Brannan; Maria Brannan; Mary Brannen; Burtly Braumn; Charles Bremer; Frederika Bremer; Margaret Bremer; Minnie Bremer; Wilhelmina Bremer; John Brenen; Theresa Brenen; Bartholomew Brennan; Margaret Brennan; Mary Brennan; Michael Brennan; Ronald Brickner; Bridget Bridget; Anna Katherine Brinkman; Addie Bristol; Addison Bristol; Electa Bristol;  Jennie Bristol; Mrs. George Bristol; Sarah Bristol; Brooks; C. W. Brown; Captain Brown; Edwin Brown; Otto Brown; S. Brown; Gen. Ralph Buckland; Ralph Buckland; Buckwheat; Buess; Charles Bunke; Dora Bunke; Fred Bunke; Frederick Bunke; George Burrell; Butcher; Butter; Bridgit Byrne
-- C --
Cahaba Prison ; Calico Necktie Party; Calkins & Co.; Charles Calkins; G. W. Calkins; George Calkins; Calkins, Hickox, & Younglove; Lydia Calkins; Calkins, Younglove & Hickox; Cameron Road; Andrew Cameron; Anna Cameron; Bertie Cameron; Daisy Cameron; Gertie Cameron; Harry Cameron; J. Frank Cameron; James Cameron; Jennie Cameron; John Cameron; Nettie Cameron; Candy; Candy pull; Elizabeth Canem; William Capener; Captain’s Corner; Harriet Carpener; Alida Carpenter; Caroline Carpenter; Charles Carpenter; Lester Carpenter; Mollie Carpenter; Mary Carpenter; Sallie Carpenter; Sarah Carpenter; Charles Carpenter; Carpenter’s Point; Carpenter’s wine cellar; Carriage stone; Carrington; Elisabeth Carson; Alberta Carter; Casino; Castalia; Catawba Island Wine Co.; Catholic Fair; Catholic Festival; Catholic parsonage; Catholic Society; Cats; Mrs. Cattanach; Hugh Cattanaugh; Hugh Cattenach; Mary Cattenach; Cattle; Cedar; Cemetery; Winnefred Cemlin; Centennial; Centennial Exposition ; Champagne; Chandelier; Chandelier Party; Channeling Machine; Ross Chapin; Elizabeth Chapman; Checkers; Cherries; Chicago fire; Chicago; Chief Justice Waite; Henry Chisholm; Stewart Chisholm; Caroline Christofel; Fannie Christofel; Church: Society, Beatty, Catholic, Church, Congregational, Evangelical, First Congregational, German, German Methodist, German Reformed, Little Beatty, Lutheran Evangelical, Protestant, St. Michael's Union Evangelical, Zion; Cigars; Cincinnati; Clara Bell; Claret; Diodate Clark; Eliza Clark; James Clark; John Clark; William Clary; Margaretta Claugharty; Clemmon’s beach; Clemmon’s Bros. Dock; Clemmons boys; Clemmons of Marblehead; Clemon’s house; Clemons brothers; Clemons Dock; A. J. Clemons; Captain Clemons; Hubbard Clemons; Lucien Clemons; Amalia Cleson; Mina Clessen; Wilhelmina Clessen; Cleveland; Cleveland Rolling Mill; Coal; Coal wagon; Coe; Cogswell; Collector of the Port; Capt. B. M. Collier; Chaplain Collier; Colorado; Elisha Colver; Franklin Colver; Judge Colver; Judge E. M. Colver; Comet; Commerce Club; Commercial College of Sandusky; Company K; Concord Stage ; Congregational Society; Congress shoes; Maggie Connor; Consuello; Cooke; Jay Cooke; Cooper shop; Corliss Engine; Corn; Rev. Corohan; Alfred Cousins; Elizabeth Cousins; Joe Cousins; Joseph Cousins; Margareth Cousins; Cow; Joe Cozzins; Mollie Crawford; Credit Mobilier; Cricket Lodge; Crystals; Nicholas Cunningham; Custom House; Custom Office; Anna Cuthbert
-- D --
Annie Daly; Michael Daly; Danbury Station; Dancing; Alf Dean; Arthur Dean; Charles Dean; Eddie Dean; Electa Dean; Eliza Dean; Jerry Dean; John Dean; Lula Dean; Mable Dean; Oscar Dean; Perry Dean; Walter Dean; Decoration Day; Deide; Belding Delamater; Delaware; Dentist; Denver; Denver City; William Denzen; William Denzer; John Deringer; William Deringer; J. H. Devoreaux; Mr. Dick; Jacob Diffenbach; Jennie Diffenbach; Peter Diffley; Dime Novel; Frederick Dischinger; Fred Dishinger; Henry Dishinger; Diver; Division Street; Divorce; Dock Master; Docks: Calkins & Co., East Bay, Kelley’s Island Lime Co., Middle, N. Kelley & Co., Norman Kelley & Co., North, North, Steam boat, West; Doctor; John Dodge; Mary Dodge; Otto Dodge; Henry Doerner; Dogs; Fred Donahoe; Dramatic Club; Dramatic Company; Patrick Drohan; C. John Duey; Ellen Duffy; Mary Duffy; Gustus Duignan; John Duignan; Kate Duignan; Mary Duignan; Patrick Duignan; William Duignan; Phillip Duising; John Duly; Dutch; Dutcher stage route; Mr. Dutcher; Dutcher’s Express; Anton Duysing; Clara Duysing; Phillip Duysing; Ada Amelia Dwelle; Addie Amelia Dwelle; Alonzo Dwelle; Amelia Dwelle; B. F. Dwelle; Capt. Alonzo Dwelle; Clara Dwelle; Elana Dwelle; Hubbard Dwelle; J. T. Dwelle; Jared Dwelle; Sylvester Dwelle; Wilbert Dwelle; William Dwelle; Dwelle’s Dock
-- E --
Eagle; East Lakeshore Dr.; Eggs; A. Eldred; Arron Eldredge; Election; Electricity; Elfers' Store; Arnold Elfers; Emma Elfers; Fred Elfers; Frederick Elfers; George Elfers; Gusta Mary Elfers; Gustave Elfers; Henney Elfers; Henry Elfers; Marie Elfers; Mary Elfers; Nettie Elfers; Mary Elling;  Elminger’s Boot Shop; English; Epizootic; Erie; Erie County 4-H Camp; Erie County Atlas; Alfon Erne; Andrew Erne; Friedoline Erne; John Erne; Karl Erne; Raphael Erne; Charles Ernie; Carl Erny; Adeline Estes; James Estes; James Jr. Estes; Ethan Allen; Euchre; Evening StarEvergreenExchange
-- F --
Mary Ann Fallen; Martin Falvy; Mary Fanning; Farciot & Wehrle; Charles Farciot; Fanny Farciot; Theresa Farciot; Farciot’s Cordial; Capt. John Farwell; Fashions; Fat Man; Jimmy Fay; Philip Feltman; Ferris; S. C. Ferris; Gertie Ferry; Fiery Furnace; Mr. Fike; William Finucan; Fire; Fire hose; First National Bank of Kelley's Island; Fish; Fish boxes; Fish hatchery; Fish shanty; Fish, black bass; Justine Fisher; Sister Jane Fisher; Fisherman’s Rock; Fishing: Bass, pound, sport; Margaret Flemens; Margareth Flemming; John Flemmons; Flour; Flux trade; Honora Flynn; Henry Foembling; Forest Maid; Charles Foster; Hon. Charles Foster; H. G. Fox; P. Fox; Fox’s Dock; Rev. C. H. Frazer; Stephen French; Captain Freyensee; Mary Fry; Mary Frye; May Fuller
-- G --
G. W. Calkins & Co.; Francis Gallagher; Mr. Garibaldi; Gas supply; Gasoline; Gazelle; Albert Gehrkens; H. F. Gehrkens; Henry Gehrkens; Mary Gehrkens; Fred Gehrkins; General GrantGeneral Meade; General Store; T. Gerald, George Gerlach; Germania; Germania Reed Band; Germans; Gibralter Island; Gilmare; Richard Gilmon; Gilmore; Glacial grooves; John Glaconer; William Glasingman; Golden Eagle; Golden Eagle Resort; Goldsmith’s Maid; Bill & Ferne Gorchester; Victor Gori; Albert Gowan; Caleb Gowen; Graham (grain); Grand Duke Alexis; Granite State; Grapes: crop, rot, Catawba, Concord, Delaware, Delores, Catawba, Concord, Delaware Isabella, Ives, Virginia Seedling; Catherine Grau; Katherine Grau; Robert Gray; Great Western Band; Great Western Light Guard Band; Carl Gremasbacher; Leopold Gremasbacher; Grooves; Ground Hog Day; Guns

-- H --
H. F. Merry; Sebbilla Hafner; Henry E. Hagan; Viola Haig; Ann Haley; Charles Haley; John Haley; Mary Haley; L. A. Hall; Hamilton & Co.; Hamilton brothers; Albert Hamilton; Clerk Hamilton; Eliza Hamilton; Emily Hamilton; Frank Hamilton; Harriet Hamilton; Hattie Hamilton; Hazel Hamilton; Henry Hamilton; Howard Hamilton; James Hamilton; James Jr. Hamilton; Mattie Hamilton; Michael Hamilton; Mitchel Hamilton; Mitchell Hamilton; Robert Hamilton; Sabra Hamilton; Samuel Hamilton; Sarah Hamilton; Titus Hamilton; William Hamilton; Wilson Hamilton; L. C. Hanna; Martha Hanna; Mattie Hanna; S. D. Hardman; Harny; Harper’s; Eva Harriman; Colonel L. A. Harris; Hartshorn’s Dock; Harriet Harwood; Captain Hauser; John Hauser; Hay; Albertus Hayes; Anna Hayes; Ellen Hayes; Jacob Hayes; Jake Hayes; Lori Hayes; Lucy Hayes; Patrick Hayes; Haynes brothers; Jacob Hays; Kenneth Heckel; August Heckerman; Catherine Heckerman; David Heckerman; Ferdinand Heckerman; Mary Ann Heckerman; Susan Heckerman; Mary Heckermann; Dr. Sarah K. Henderson; Barbara Hendinger; Henry rifles; W. Y. Herick; Henry Herrick; Rufus Herrick; Belle Hess; Herman Hess; Annie Hesse; Elizabeth Hesse; Herman Hesse; Hickox; Charles Hickox; Laura F. Hickox; Mrs. Hill; Henry Hiller; Hermon Hiller; D. H. Hills; E. M. W. Hills; Himmelein Hotel; Himmelein House; Beatrice Himmelein; John Himmelein; Richard Himmelein; George Hinde; Sarah Hinde; Frank Hipp; Leonard Hipp; Mary Hipp; Charles Hitchcock; Hogs; Charlotte Holbrook; Martin K. Holbrook; Katherine Holy; Katie Holy; Home Missionary Society of Ohio; Horse; Delia Howlett; Emma Howlett; Giles Howlett; M. D. Howlett; Mary Howlett; Milton Howlett; Myron Howlett; R. B. Hubbard; Hughes Bros. & Bangs; John Hughes; Michael Hughes; Mike Hughes; Grace Hukill; Hunter; Huntington Lane; Alfred Huntington; Daniel Huntington; Elzina; Emeline Huntington; Emma Huntington; Erastus Huntington; George Huntington; Georgie Huntington; J. A. Huntington; Joseph Huntington; Mrs. Dan Huntington; Sallie Huntington; Simon Huntington; Annie Hutchinson; John Hutchinson; Mary Hutchinson
-- I --
Ice boat; Ice house; Ice skating; Incubator; Indians; Inscription Rock; Insurance; Irish; Ironclad mail boat; Island House; Island QueenIslander
-- J --
Jack the Horse; Jail; James Hamilton & Co.; Jay Cooke; Jay Cooke & Co.; Jessie Conger; Johnson’s Island; Johnson’s Island prison; Bertha Jucker; Elisa Jucker; Rudolf Jucker; Rudolph Jucker; Kansas; Elisabetha Karver; Christian Kastning; Frederick Kastning; Katherine Kastning
-- K --
Louisa Kause; James Keaton; Mary Ellen Keeley; Michael Keeley; Moses Keeley; Caroline Keifer; A. K. Kelley; A. S. Kelley; Addison Kelley; Alfred Kelley; Alfred S. Kelley; Angeline Kelley; Ann Kelley; Anna Kelley; Captain Kelley; Charles Kelley; Charles W.Kelley; Daniel Kelley; Darlene Kelley; Datus Kelley; Eddie Kelley; Everett Kelley; Evy Kelley; F. M. Kelley; F. N. Kelley; Francis Kelley; Frank Kelley; Franklin Kelley; Freddie Kelley; George Kelley; Grace Kelley; Gus Kelley; Gussie Kelley; H. C. Kelley; Hannah Kelley; Harriet Kelley; Hattie Kelley; Henry Kelley; Irad Kelley; Irving Kelley; Jean Kelley; Joseph Kelley; Julius Kelley; Laura Kelley; Marcella Kelley; Martha Kelley; Mary Kelley; Mrs. A. Kelley; Mrs. Alfred Kelley; Mrs. George Kelley; Mrs. Norman Kelley; N. Kelley; Norman Kelley; Sara Kelley; Thomas Kelley; W. H. Kelley; William D. Kelley; Willie Kelley; Zina Kelley;H. Kelley; Henry Kelley; Kelley’s Hall; Kelley’s Hall shed; Kelley’s Island & Sandusky Cable Co.; Kelley’s Island & Sandusky Telegraph Co.; Kelley’s Island Dock Co.; Kelley’s Island Dramatic Club; Kelley’s Island Dramatic Society; Kelley’s Island Lime & Transport Co.; Kelley’s Island Lime & Transportation Co.; Kelley’s Island Lime Co.; Kelley’s Island Wine Co.; Kelleys Island Lime & Transport Co.; Kelley's Island Literary Society; Kelley's Island Wine Co.; Mary Kelly; John Kennedy; Mary Kennedy; Michael Kennedy; Kent; Mary Kessler; Philip Kessler; Caroline Kiefer; General Judson Kilpatrick; Sister Lucille Kime; E. C. King; James King; Maria Klevens; Mary Eva Klevens; Minnie Klevens; J. H. Klippart; Klotz & Kromer; Katherine Knopp; Adam Koegle; Teresa Koegle; John Koehn; Henry Koster; Herman Koster; J. F. Koster; Katherine; Sophia Koster; John Kreiger; Josephine Krupp; Edward Kuchar; Charles Kuemin; Kugle Brothers; Albert Kugler; Rev. J. G. Kuhl
-- L --
Brigit Laden,; Elle Laden; Ladies Aid Society; Lake Erie Steamboat Co.; Lakeside Dock; Addie Lam; Elizabeth Lange; Henry Lange; John Lange; Mary Lange; Larned Kansas; Gus LaRock; Augustine LaRouche; Mary Ann LaRouche; Rittie LaRouche; John Lathen; Joseph Lathen; Mathilde Lauer; Matilda Lauer; Captain Lawler; M. J. Lawrence; Mr. Lay; James Lea; Leamington; Leap Year Party ; Mary Leyden; Library; Life-savers; Lighthouse; Lime; Lime kiln; Lime Rock; Limestone; Linch, Annie; Lincoln place; Colonel Lincoln; Emmet Lincoln; Joseph Lincoln; Marion Lincoln; Morris Lincoln; Zipporah Lincoln; Literary Society; Amelia Littleton; George Littleton; Livery stable; Lodge; Longest Fresh Water Sub-Marine Telegraph Cable in the World; Lonz Winery; Lottie Wolf; Eugene Lovisa; Mathilda Lower; Captain J. B. Luckey; Lucky stone; Christoph Luetgens; Mary Luetgens; Lung fever; Lyceum; Elizabeth Lyons; John Lyons; Winnefred Lyons
-- M --
M. Tuttle; F. H. Macke; Michael Madden; Joseph Maerder; Captain Magle; Magner’s Circus; Mail; Mail boat; Mail carrier; K. M. Malchi; Kettee Malchi; Kittle Malchi; N. K. Malchi; Mansfield; Marblehead; Marblehead Life Saving Station; Marblehead Lighthouse: Marblehead Peninsula; Marcus Village; R. George Marshall; Martin Power & Light Co.; Agnes Martin; Ann Martin; Annie Martin; Bridgit Martin; Charles Martin; Frank Martin; Fred Martin; Frederick Martin; George Martin; Harriet Martin; John Martin; John Martin Jr.; Julia Amanda Martin; Margaret Martin; Mary Martin; Patrick Martin; Susan Martin; Mary Groh; Masons; Jennie Mast; Joseph Matso; Russ Matso; Matso’s Place; Maumee Bay; James Maxwell; John Maxwell; Katherine Maxwell; Thomas Maxwell; Anthony May; John May; Mary Ann May; Mayflower; Bernard McCormick; Ellie McCormick; Caroline McCune; Rev. Robert McCune; John McDonald; McGettigan Winery; Ann McGettigan; Anna McGettigan; Barney McGettigan; Bernard McGettigan;  Daniel McGettigan; Edward McGettigan; Fanny McGettigan; James McGettigan; Joseph McGettigan; Katie McGettigan; Katy McGettigan; Margaret McGettigan; William McGettigan; Willie McGettigan; Nancy McGettigan; Elizabeth McGinnity; Catherine McGory; Sarah McGory; McGraw & Rankin; Thomas McGurn; Alfred McKillips; Mr. McKnerky; Mary McLaughlin; Michael McLaughlin; Thomas McLaughlin; Mary Ann McLaughlin; John McLean; Elizabeth McMahon; Hanora McMahon; Honora McMahon; John McMahon; Captain McNally; Ed. McNally; James McNamee; Maggie McNamee; Catherine McNoldi; Honora McNolten; Measles; Meat market; Melodeon; F. Merkens; John Mertes; Meschmaun & Schardt; Meteor ; Father Metternich; Francis Metternich; Father Metternick; Francis Metternick; Father Mettinger; Mice; Michigan; Microscope; Middle Bass Brass Band; Middle Bass Island; Middle Island; Adam Miller; Anna Miller; Cluminkunde Miller; Dennis Miller; Magdalene Miller; Margaret Miller; Paul Miller; Philipinna Miller; Ringnude Miller; Gen. Wm. H. Mills; John Minor; Minstrels; Daniel Mischler; Henry Mishler; F. R. Mitternick; Nicholas Moes; Molasses; Eliza Monaghan; John Monaghan; Mary Monaghan; Monarch Wine Co.; John Monegan; James Moneghan; John Moneghan; Patrick Moneghan; Theodosia Moneghan; Money Order Office; Monitor; Captain Monk; Captain Moore; Desmond Moore; Orton Moore; John Moos; Peter Moos; Annie Mootz; Elizabeth Mootz; Emma Mootz;  John Mootz; Katherine Mootz; Louis Mootz; Peter Mootz; William Mootz; Mr. Morissey; Morning Lark; David Morris; Norman Morris; Susan Morris; C. B. Morton; Cord Morton; George Morton; Mouse Island; Moysey brothers; Alfred Moysey; David Moysey; John Moysey; Mrs. J. J. Moysey; Robert Moysey; William Moysey; Mules; Mumps; John Murray; Lucy Murray; L. D. Myers; Mystic

-- N --
N. Kelley & Co.; John Nagele; Ben Napier; National Bank of Kelley’s Island; National House; Nancy NcGettigan; M. Nelly; New Orleans; Newburg Hospital; Newburgh Asylum; Newspaper; Nineteenth Century Furnace ; Jeffrey Nordhaus; North Bass Island; North Bay; North woods; Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum; Northwest; Notary; J. Nugent
-- O --
Catherine O’Brian; Michael O’Brian; James O’Brien; Margaretta O’Brien; Michael O’Brien; John O’Connell; H. E. O’Hagan; Oats; Oberlin; Oberlin College; Elizabeth Ocohslo; Fred Ocohslo; Louise Ocohslo; Ohio State Fish Commission; Henry Ohlemacher; Old Kate; Old Nest; Ole Bull; George Orr; Ottawa City; Ottawa County Reporter; Oyster supper
-- P --
A. J. Parmenter; A. W. Parmenter; R. W. Parmenter; Jay William Patrick Parmenter; Patriot Army; Peaches; Pearl; Pears; Harriet Pease; Pedro; Pelee Island; Michael Perkinson; Mike Perkinson; M. K. Perkison; Albert Pessefall; Carrie Peters; Caroline Peters; Charles Peterson; Henry Pfaff; Phantom Party; Philo Parsons; Phoenix Insurance Co.; Photography; Phrenology; Pickerel; Pike; John Pike; Pilah; Jules Emile Planchon; Plaster Bed; A. C. Platt; Joseph & Donna Plonski; Plums; Andrew Pogon; Florence Pohorence; Frank Pohorence; Point au Pelee; Point Pelee; Ellen Pollen; Phillip Pooch; Henry Pope; Port Huron; Post Master; Post Office; H. C. Post; Potatoes; August Potter; Henry Potter; Pound boats; Pound fishing; President Grant; J. P. Preston; Rev. J. P. Preston; Prince of Wales; Henry Pringnitz; Sarah Pringnitz; Public Schools; Tony Purruchon; Put-in-Bay; Put-in-Bay Cable Co.; Put-in-Bay House; Put-in-Bay Telegraph Co.
-- Q --
Quadrille Band; Quarry; Quarry housing; Quarry workers; Calkin’s Quarry; Huntington’s Quarry; North Quarry; West Quarry; Quicksilver; Quincy L. Gilmore; Charles Quinn; Susan Quinn; Thomas Quinn
-- R --
R. B. Hayes; August Raab; Barbara Raab; Johanna Raab; Margaretta Raab; Henry Radcliff; Thomas Raddy; Rail Road; Amos Randell; Albert Ranft; John Ranft; Margaret Ranft; Charles Ransom; Raspberries; Rats; Rattlesnake Island; Reading Room; Wilhemina Rehburg; William Rehburgh; Charles Reichlin; Reindeer; Robert Reinhart; John Reinheimer; Julie Reinheimer; Mary Ann Reisler; George Reiter; Barbara Rendinger; Carl Renter; Restaurant; Michael Reynolds; Sarah Reynolds; Elizabeth Richer; Theodore Richter; Elisabetha Ricker; Agnes Rieder; George Rieder; Anna Riedy; Balbina Riedy; Emma Riedy; Francis Riedy;  Frank Riedy; Henry Riedy; Jacob Riedy; Ludwig Riedy; Maria Riedy; Otto Riedy; Paulin Riedy; Robert Riedy; Elisabetha Riemenshneider Anna Riesler; George Rieter; Peter Rieter; Mary Rindfleish; Risacher James; Riser; Riverside; Robinson (of Point Pelee); Ed Robinson; William Robinson; Willie Robinson; Willy Robinson; Rockport; Maria Roddy; Mary Roddy; Frederick Rohrs; Mary Rohrs; Hattie Root; Rope bed; Roseling’s Dock; Anna Roth; Henry Roth; Round House; Rowing contest; Mary Rudolf; Rush wine cellar; Anna Rush; Edna Rush; Elizabeth Rush; Gertie Rush; Isabella Rush; Jacob Rush; M. B. Rush; Mary Rush; Sarah Rush; William Rush; Rush Wine Cellar; George Russell; Russian immigrants; Rye
 -- S --
S. C. Baldwin; Saccharometer; Sadie Hawkins Day; Saginaw; Sailer; Salmon; Saloon; G. M. Saltzgaber, Sandusky; Sandusky & Kelley’s Island Cable Co.; Sandusky Light Artillery; Sandusky Light Guard; Santa Barbara; Sarah Van Epps; Sault St. Marie; Christina Saylor; John Saylor; Mathew Saylor; Mathias Saylor; William Saylor; Scarlet Fever; August Schaedler; Fred Schaedler; William Schaedler; Carl Schappenhauer; Louis Schappenhauer; Schardt Hotel; Schardt House; Adam Schardt; Fred Schardt; Robert Schelb; Charles Schesselman; William Schesselman; Fred Schipple; Pauline Schipple; William Schlesselman; Elizabeth Schmid; Adeline Schmidt; Frank Schmidt; Josephine Schmidt; Mary Schmidt; Godfried Schock; John Schoendorff; School; School District 1; School house; School Superintendent; School; Catholic; Common; Congregational Sabbath; East Side; Estes; German; Grammar; High; North Side; Primary; Public; Sabbath; Select; South Side; Stone; Sunday; Amalia Schoppenhauser; Louis Schoppenhauser; Elizabeth Schuck; Lizzie Schumaker; Ashima Scripp; Sea  Lyon;  Seabird; Mrs. H. W. Seaton; Adolf Seeholzer; Carl Seeholzer; Charles Seeholzer; Hugo Seeholzer; Elizabeth Selfe; James A. Selfe; Elko Sennish; Jack Sennish; Alida Seton; Arthur Seton; Charles Seton; David Seton; Harry Seton; James Seton; Minerva Seton; Sewing machine; Sewing Society; Alice Seylor; Elizabeth Seylor; George Henry Seylor; Martin Seylor; Oppalona Seylor; William Seylor; Henrietta Shaddle; Frederick Shaedler; Elda Shaw; Sheepshead; John Sherbno; Sheriff; Frederick Shipple; Shoemaker; Sidewalk; Pitt Simmons; Singer Sewing Machine; Captain Slackford; Slaughter house; Alice Slaven; Bridget Slaven; Elizabeth Slaven; Henry Slaven; J. Robert Slaven; James Slaven; Lawrence Slaven; Mary Slaven; Patrick Slaven; William Slaven; Sleigh ride; Judge Sloan; R. R. Sloane; Betsy Smith; James Smith; James Smith Jr.; James Smith Sr.; Katy Smith; Laura Smith; Louisa Smith; Mary Smith; Mary Ann Smith; Nicholas Smith; Smoke house; Smoking; Soap; Dr. Jane Spaulding; Butt Spencer; Lyman Spencer; Catawba Spirits; Josiah Stacey; Anthony Stanton; Star route; James Steadman; Steam Engine; Andrew Steiger; John Steiger; Caroline Sterenenberger; Christian Sterenenberger; Dr. (Cleveland) Sterling; Caroline Sternberger; Catherine Sternberger; Christian Sternberger; Frank Sternberger; Henry Sternberger; William Sternberger; Christian Sternenberger; Andrew Stieger; Alice Stokes; John Stokes; Joseph Stokes; Robert Stokes; Andrew Stoll; Fanny Stoltz; Stone mason; flux Stone; Gilbert Stopko; Store on the Corner; Company Store; Jemima Stow; Libbie Strain; George Strasser; Straw; Sturgeon; Sub-marine cable; Suffrage; Sugar; Rev. Thos. Suhr; Sultana; Survey; Surveyor; Sweet Valley; Sweet Valley Wine Co; Swimming
-- T --
James Tallen; Prof. Tasso; Taxes; Teacher; Teamsters; Telegraph; Telephone; The Inn; Annie Thein; Grace Thompson; Virginia Deringer Thompson, Tilden; Titus Road; Titus wine cellar; James Titus; Jared Titus; Lewis Titus; Mehitable Titus; Mehitible Titus; T. B. Titus; Tobacco; Toledo; C. C. Townley; Grace Townley; Lula Townley; Mary Townley; Maurice Townley; Township Trustees; George Francis Train; Treischman & Schardt; Henry Treischman; Albert Trieschman; Anthony Trieschman; Catharine Trieschman; Clara Trieschman; Edna Trieschman; Emma Trieschman; Henry Trieschman; John Trieschman; Julia Trieschman; Katherine Trieschman; Trieschman’s Meat Market; William Twidney; Typhoid fever; Typhus Fever
-- U --
U. S. Express Co.; Uncle Sam; Union; Union Vintage Co.; Union Wine Co.; H. B. Upp; Henry Upp; Norman Upp
-- V --
Van Bleck, Barker & Co.; Van Epps; Van Vleck & Co.; Venice; Veterinary Surgeon; Vineyard; Violin; Elizabeth Voght; Henry Voght; Jacob Voght; Apelonian Vogt; Jacob Vogt; Rosa Vogt; William Vogt; Charles Voight; Jacob Voight; Lewis Voight
-- W --
John Wagner; Wallbridge; Walleye; Honora Walsh; Louis Walter; Joseph Waltman; Johanna Walz; Wanderer; Anna Ward; Burt Ward; E. W. Ward; Eddi Ward; Edmund Ward; Edward Ward; Emily Ward; Emma Ward; Hattie Ward; Herbert Ward; Hettie Ward; Lissa Ward; M. B. Ward; Mary Ward; Melissa Ward; Minerva Ward; Nettie Ward; Uri Ward; Charles Wardy; Water Street; Water Street Café; Water supply; Waterfield & Bertch; Charles Waterfield; John Waterfield; Thomas Waterfield; James Watkins; Robert & Kim Watkins; Weather station; Bob Weaver; Belle Webb; Betsy Webb; Charles Webb; Sarah Webb; William S. Webb; Andrew Wehrle; Wehrle; Werk & Sons; J. B. Weis; Rosina Weller Charles Wells; Charles B. Wells; Mary Wells; R. E. Wentworth; West Bay; West House; West Sister Island; Western Associated Press; W. T. Wet; Captain Wetstone; Wharf master; D. & I. Kelley Wharf; north side Wharf; Reinheimer's Wharf; South Wharf; Wharf, Steamboat; Wheat; Captain Whetstone; Whiskey; Whitefish; Delilah Whitney; Whooping Cough; Frederick Wiers; E. A. Wilcox; R. Dell Wilcox; Herbert Willman; Miss Wilmot; Wind mill; Abilonia Wind; Wine; Wine cask; Wine Co. Road; Wine: California, Catawba, still Catawba, Champagne, Delaware, European, Port, sparkling, still, counterfeit; George Wing; J. E.Wing; John Wing; Winking Lizard; Winslow; Mr. Winslow; Rev. Winslow; Elisabeth Wollers; Women’s Rights; Thomas J. Wood; Woodford & Hamilton; Electa Woodford; Grace Woodford; Harriet Woodford; Hattie Woodford; Henrietta Woodford; Homer Woodford;  J. E. Woodford; J. T. Woodford; Jesse Woodford; John Woodford; John T. Woodford; Mrs. Homer Woodford;  Rollin Woodford; Rosetta Woodford; Sarah Woodford; Woodford’s Point; C. F. Wooson; Henry Worden; Lydia Worden; Mary Worden; Oliver Worden; WPA; George Wright
-- X, Y, Z --
Young People’s Association; Young Peoples’ Library Association; Young Reindeer; Gertrude Younglove; M. C. Younglove; Maria D. Younglove; Moses Younglove; Moses C. Younglove; Rosena Zeh; Kate Zehringer; Sophia Zehringer; Zettler family; G. Zimmerman
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