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​​​​​​​​Everything you wanted to know about the unique and extraordinary history of Kelleys Island, Ohio

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Through these books, Islanders have regained their voice.

They tell their own remarkable story, in their own words.

Who were these people who journeyed to Ohio's frontier?

What was life like in the 1800's, isolated on an island in Lake Erie?

What did they do to pass the time?

How did they travel across the lake in the winter?

What role did the island soldiers play in the Civil War?


ISLAND ROOTS - Did your ancestors have an island connection?

Looking for your Island Ancestors? Click on the lady to get to the Genealogy Page where you can find other islanders searching for their roots.

e-BOOK NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON - Congratulations, your copy of the book "Kelleys Island 1810-1861" is live in the Kindle Store and is available for you to purchase here. (with a little bit more and color pictures too).

COMING IN 2015 - Book 5 in the series, covering 1877 through 1884 (or so). As I work on this next book, I'll post the contents of this new book.

MEET THE AUTHOR - Meet Author Leslie Korenko - She brings together all the tales told by these island pioneers. You can read all their stories and share their secrets in the Extraordinary History of Kelleys Island. You can see where Leslie appearing by clicking on News & Events.

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